NetEvid: Best Performance in every angle

From the Thailand Computer-related Crime Act B.E.2550 regulation, all organization supposed to records at least 90 days log activities for clear audit which can trace of arbitrary users and systems perform activities.

NetEvid is a log management solution that helps organization to deal with large volumes of computer-generated syslog messages. NetEvid covers log collection, centralized aggregation, long-term retention, log search, and reporting.

High-Performance Platform

NetEvid line of platform fits all size networks with entry-level models starting at 3,500 EPS and moving up to a 120,000 EPS high-performance appliance for your most demanding requirements. All models are based on the NoSQL Architecture which optimize log indexing for fast searching.

Secure Data Collection

To comply with laws and regulatory compliances, log messages are collected and hashed with SHA-256 for data integrity to prevent change and deletion. With log compression rate of 15:1, NetEvid allows log retaintion more than 90 days.

Support Variety of Platforms

NetEvid support wide range of log collection and compliance to network, network security and systems such as router, switch, firewall, vpn server and applications or every application and system which supported syslog protocol.

Forwarding Mode

NetEvid can be deployed forwarder mode and perform its filtering, aggregation, compression, caching and fail detection to maximize the abilities in limited resources consumption.


NetEvid has built-in reporting capabilities with predefined templates and customizable in several formats including PDF, RTF, XML, XLS, CSV, HTML, TEXT, DOCX and OpenOffice. Scheduling reports can be gererated and sent out periodically via email to any recipient.

Compliance and Audit

System Logging of NetEvid perform ITIL framework compliance which define by

  • User Authentication
  • Authentication privilege level
  • Access History Records
  • Events records in changes, failure, and errors Distributor
  • Records all systems structure changes

Key Features

  • Universal Centralize Log Management to compliance requirements
  • Fully integrated and extremely fast for log collection
  • Log indexing for fast log searching
  • Support Log retention and search up to 1 year
  • Highly Log secured with SHA-256 Hashing and Archive
  • Customizable and Open for predefine report management
  • Support Web GUI and Command Line (CLI)
  • Role Based Access Control according to Authentication permit
  • Flexible and Hybrid for Log forwarding application
  • Support External Backup or Network Storage
  • Power searching through multiple search conditions


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