Significantly renewed features, pricing, and licensing system,enabling extensive and robust file security operations

Three values  |  A world without raw data  |  Difference between Ver.5 and Ver.6

We want to have more people use FinalCode,

and we have significantly revised our pricing and licensing system

In FinalCode Ver.5, the range of free users was limited to users outside companies and organizations using FinalCode, and

users inside companies and organizations were paid. Free FinalCode file viewing users within the organization.

Erasing passed files later Freely provided with

Delete / Unauthorize Notification Function and Automatic Shared Folder Encryption as standard

A strong and easy file security operation is possible.

Protection from the moment of creating a file

New release of Transparent secure function

Automatic encryption when files are created and saved on personal PC terminals or when files are downloaded from the system.

Because users are not conscious of encryption, a wide range of users can use it regardless of IT literacy.

SaaS version goes to FinalCode@Cloud

The name of the SaaS version of FinalCode, which had been provided as a conventional cloud service, has been changed to FinalCode@Cloud. As a new feature as standard.

Three values ​​provided by FinalCode Ver.6

1. Reassuring more people

  • Change pricing structure
  • Free use of internal browsing users
  • Provision of volume discounts based on the price system according to the number of purchased licenses

2. More operational

  • New feature release
  • Protect from the moment of creating a file Transparent Secure Function

3. More robust

  • Expansion of standard functions
  • Delete the passed file later.
  • Delete / Unauthorized Notification Function
  • Shared folder automatic encryption function

Realizing a world without raw data

Automatic encryption of files with Transparent Secure function

The transparent secure function is a function that automatically encrypts files when they are created and saved on a personal PC terminal, or when they are downloaded from the system. Protect the file from the moment it is created, making it transparent to users, so it can be used by a wide range of users regardless of the level of IT literacy. The transparent encrypted file not only prevents internal unauthorized removal but also realizes a world where the file creator does not have raw data on personal PC terminals.

We will protect information inside the company. Even if a file goes out of the office, it is safe!

No need to make the user aware of encryption!

Automatically encrypts files when they are created or saved on a personal PC terminal or when they are downloaded from the system, making them transparent to the user.

No need for operation training!

The extension does not change and the icon is easy to understand with a key mark, so you can operate it as usual.

Usability as before!

Because there is no restriction on the coordination function of the application (Office), the same usability as before can be achieved. Links between files and sharing functions can be used while being encrypted. (Example: Copy between Excel sheets, merge printing, etc

Information leak prevented by "FinalCode" Ver.6

Protect with "FinalCode" even if you go inside or outside the company

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