Privileged Access Management Services

Privileged Access Service

Shared Account & Password Vault

Application Passwords and Secrets Vault

Credential Management

Secure Remote Access

Secure Administrative Access via Jump Box

Access Request & Approval Workflow

MFA at Vault

Authentication Service

Multi-Directory Brokering

Active Directory Bridging

Machine Identity & Credential Management

Local Account & Group Management

Centrify Zone Technology

Group Policy Management

MFA at System Login

Privilege Elevation Service

Privilege Elevation

Delegated Privilege Role & Policy Management

Time-Based Role Assignment

MFA at Privilege Elevation

Audit and Monitoring Service

Session Recording & Auditing

Gateway Session Monitoring & Control

Host-Based Session Auditing, Recording & Reporting

Privilege Threat Analytics Service

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

User Behavior Analytics

Get to Know Centrify Privileged Access Management Services

Centrify Privileged Access Service

Centrify Authentication Service

Centrify Privilege Elevation Service

Centrify Audit and Monitoring Service

Centrify Privilege Threat Analytics Service

Privileged Access Management Services: Broadest Platform Support in the Industry

With support for more than 450 platforms, Centrify Privileged Access Management services secure and manage the industry's broadest range of operating systems.

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