Varonis is a powerful software suite that protects your file and email servers from cyber-attacks and insider threats. Varonis analyzes the behavior of the people and machines that access your data, alerts on misbehavior, and enforces a least privilege model.

Get meaningful data security results faster than you thought possible.

The all-in-one data security platform that won’t slow you down.


The Varonis DatAdvantage software solution aggregates user, permissions, data and access event information from directories and file servers. Sophisticated analytics applied to the collected information show detailed data use and determine rightful access based on business need. DatAdvantage is available on Windows, SharePoint, UNIX, Exchange and Active Directory.

Varonis DatAdvantage provides:

  • Bi-directional visibility into file system permissions
  • Complete audit trail of email and permissions events
  • Complete audit trail of file events
  • Recommendations on removing excess permissions and modeling of changes
  • Data ownership identification through analysis of user activity
  • Extensible architecture to include other metadata, functionality, and platforms


Varonis DataPrivilege automates data governance by providing a framework for users and data owners to be directly involved in access entitlement review and authorization workflows. A configurable web interface for data owners, business users and IT administrators automates data access requests, owner and IT authorization of changes, automated entitlement reviews and business data policy automation (e.g. ethical walls). A complete audit trail ensures that data governance policies are in place and being adhered to.

DataPrivilege provides:

  • Automated entitlement reviews
  • Access control workflow
  • Local account management
  • Business policy implementation
  • Complete self-service portal
  • Data ownership identification through analysis of user activity
  • Complete audit trail and reporting


DatAnswers delivers relevant search results to the people who should have access to them, and only the people who should have access to them.


  • Accurate, relevant search results based on user relationships and access activity
  • Easy-to-use web interface to corporate information
  • Results can be automatically pruned based on DatAdvantage recommendations and data classification rules
  • Automatically exclude results made visible by specific security groups
  • Customize rules to filter results based on your company's policies
  • Easily integrate DatAnswers with other search engines and technologies so that you can display results natively, giving you more flexibility while making your data more accessible
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