Network Security Consultant

The leader consultant which offers advice on Network and IT Security for Sustainable business services providing. The services offered by VRCOMM are based on the state-of-art utilization which proven practical solution technologies to arrive at optimize state. VRCOMM has bridges the gap and helps our partners as well as end-user to keep up on the rapid development in Network, IT Security, Data Protection, and Modern Cybercrime, to be up-to-date with secured digital assets at high performance in feasible solution.

Training and Workshop

VRCOMM training center equipped with full facilities for learning process and practical hands-on workshop to overwhelm and ensure that trainee is properly trained. We have setup periodic training scheduled at our training center or arranged personalized on-site training according to customer’s convenience.

Certification Training

VRCOMM is authorized training partners for many products and solutions. We offers training course on variety Network and IT Security. Instructors are authorized directly from products or solutions vendor which aims to deliver trainee for highest quality certified education.

MA Service 24/7

What kind of help do you need? We can serve you all. Often, end-user require supports for MA, we do help offer our service 8/5 or even 24/7 providing better controllable resource management to our business partner.